How To Enquire For Vehicle Registration Status Online?

Enquiring for vehicle registration status can be done online. If you need to track your vehicle registration status, then use their official website online at You could also find out about the car’s previous records or car registration history check. Here are some of the vehicle records that you may need before you buy the car. Here are some of the following examples – is the vehicle stolen, is it written off, is it exported, how good is the mileage, is there are any kind of outstanding finance or how many previous owners can they have.

You will have to register your car as soon as you bought it or built it, altered it or rebuilt, and imported it. You can do this by filling up a form and posting it to the DLVA. DLVA will inspect your vehicle to check if the vehicle you have is owned by you and only you. they also need to update records as because of various changes that you have made to the vehicle. There is no need to pay a fee. They will be contacting you according to the information paid.

Vehicle Registration Status

Rules And Regulations To Obtain A Driving Certificate

The rules and regulations are usually updated, whether your car is new or old. If it’s a new vehicle, then you might have to get a V5C- registration-certificate. This will arrive in 6 weeks if you have already sent in your application. Contact DVLA via DVLA telephone number, if you do not receive it on time. If yours is a used vehicle and is registered, it would depend on whether it has a V5C registration certification or not. The seller must always complete the V5C form and especially answer the 6h question on the form. Sign declaration in section 8, as this must be done at all costs; after that fill in section 10. This one is called the V5C/2 that you need to have as long as you have a car. This is a must if you will have to pay a hefty sum of money.

Necessary Registration For Vehicles That Does Not Have A Registration

Send this form to the V5C to the DVLA. You will receive a new V5C within 2 to 4 weeks from the date you receive the old V5C from its seller. In case you do not receive the V5C complete the V62 – Application for vehicle registration certificate, and send it to DVLA along with your V5C/2 that was given to you by your seller. You might have to pay fees if you don’t send it to V5C/2. Vehicles that does not have a registration certificate must register their vehicles through the V62 application for a vehicle registration certificate for which you might have to pay fees. If you do not receive anything within 6 weeks of application, check with your DVLA.

Once you receive your registration certificate, it would be your utmost responsibilities of checking with details are correct. Make changes through the certificate and send in the application back to the DLVA.