DVLA Helpdesk Number For License And Vehicle Registration Query

What Is DVLA?

DVLA is the abbreviation used for Drivers and vehicle license agency. It is a government agency which maintains a complete database for vehicle running over the United Kingdom. Apart from vehicles data, they also maintain a database of drivers all over the UK. Its headquarters is located in Swansea, United Kingdom.

What Is The Main Responsibility Of DVLA?

As you have already known that DVLA is a government agency to maintain the database of all vehicles in the UK and also vehicles which are entering London. They are the watchdog of the whole transport system in the United Kingdom. The main responsibility of DVLA can be listed as below:

  • DVLA is responsible for issuing driving license
  • They maintain data for vehicles
  • DVLA is responsible for maintaining drivers’ data
  • The DVLA also has authority to issue official certificates to the vehicle keepers of the United Kingdom
  • They also keep records for vehicle taxes
  • DVLA can take strong action against people who are not paying taxes on time
  • They have taken action to keep the road crime in check

People’s safety is the prime goal of the DVLA. They ensure road safety at every stage. DVLA has taken action to issue licenses only to those drivers who actually deserve it. For years they tried to maintain this status. They have full authority to disqualify anyone on the ground of faulty driving practice.

DVLA thus has maintained road security, drivers’ efficiency as well as generated good amount of revenue. The customer support desk of DVLA always is ready to help everyone and provide proper information regarding, policies, strategies, issued licenses, tax amount, etc.


What Is The Information You Can Access From DVLA Over The Phone

Do you need any vehicle or license information of United Kingdom? All you have to look for is the DVLA helpdesk number. You can access the following information from DVLA over a telephone:

  • You can check the license of any person who is hiring any vehicle
  • If you have lost your license, you can report it to DVLA over telephone
  • If you have any tax query, you can clear it over the telephone
  • If you have to report any road crime, you can also do that
  • Lodging report for unpaid vehicle tax can also be done over telephone

But do remember the phone number of DVLA is not toll-free. You will cost 13 pence per minute when you are calling them. Also, you have to bear the access charge in extra. You can have the detail information about the service charges from your service provider.

The Bottom Line

As DVLA maintains all transport related data of the UK. It is also your responsibility to keep DVLA updated about your condition. So, if you by chance face any medical condition while having a valid license; please inform that to DVLA to help them to maintain a correct data and ensure road safety. It is the responsibility of DVLA to give road security to all the people of the UK; it also the responsibility of each and every citizen of the UK to help the government to achieve their goal.